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Best Part:

Stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont from the air. Don't forget your camera!

Pilots Dave Tanzer in "Freedom" and Ken Levesque in "Krayola" Tethering 72 kids and several of the camp Staff on Aug 13th 2004. at Camp Takumta. And yes it was Friday the 13th. What a great day it was.

2004-2005 Testimonials:

Thanks so much; Ken, Penny and Crew, for a wonderful ballooning experience. Absolutely breathtaking views - Awesome trip Thanks Kelly

Beautiful time; most fun ever; you guys are terrific; had a wonderful time. Nice Anniversary gift. Thanks Sue and Keith

Thank you very much from the whole family. It was a wonderful experience for the entire family. Linda, Randy, Chelsea, Jessica, Michelle, and Nicholas

Dear Ken and Penny, I am writing to say Thank you again for making my dream come true on my 9th birthday. It was very nice of you to make it possible. Your friend Alex

Ken, I really want to tell you how much I appreciate what you did for my folks last night. It was a total hit, and both you and Penny were a big part of it. My parents were glad to meet both of you and talk about what special people you both are. Mom was so glad that she got the opportunity to fulfill a special desire. She couldn't get over how smooth the ride and the landing was. She expected bounce and kind of a crashing effect upon landing. She talked a lot about the sights you could see. Dad was so glad that he went. He was just totally surprised about everything. My father could not stop talking about it. He enjoyed everything from setting up, to the landing. He talked and talked and talked. Mom called this morning and said that Dad was still talking about it all this morning. Thanks for the time, energy and hazels of everything you had to go through. You made two elderly people extremely happy. My husband was surprised about it all too. He couldn't get over the size of the balloon and the small amount of space that you could put it all in. He expected a bbbig truck. My appreciation goes out to you full heartedly for giving everyone within the family a new and exciting experience. It was great meeting Penny. She is a delightful person. Thanks again Melody

Hi Ken, I very much enjoyed crewing last night. Penny is a very pleasant person and funny too. I had a great time riding with her and all the explanations she gave me about your balloon. There is a lot to learn. I just want to say Thanks again to you and Penny for the enjoyable evening. Linda

Hi Ken, On Friday 5/13/05 you landed in the back yard of a very excited 5 year old boy, Austin. I just want to take the time and say thank you for taking the time to let him look around the balloon, in the basket, and letting him help with the deflating. he has called, i think everyone he knows to tell them about his experience. He is now carrying the business card around with him, calling it a picture. his favorite word in the last 14 hrs is IT WAS HUGE, Anyway thanks for taking the time to make Austin's day. We are going to go online a bit later, and see the site listed on the card. Have a wonderful day

7/27/2005 Shirley and I are still telling our friends what a wonderful ride we had with you in your Hot Air Balloon.  The ride more than filled our expectations.  The entire experience was exciting and rewarding.  From the moment we arrived at the field for take off, to the time we said farewell to your friendly and cooperative ground crew, we were impressed with your attention to detail and professional attitude toward flying.  We felt safe at all times and appreciated the way that you were able to pilot the balloon through the changing wind patterns so we could experience different aspects of hot air balloon flying. The entire experience was magnificent.  Ray and Shirley

7/29/2005 Ballooning to me was an awesome, exciting, and wonderful experience. You both have such wonderful personalities. And funny is an understatement.  I have really enjoyed getting to know the two of you.  As part of our balloon ride gift to my parents you allowed us to help out and be part of the crew.  What a fun and learning experience that was. Watching the crew (as I was the photographer and my husband was helping the crew) doing the flight preparations, the anticipation of my parents flight was building for me.  As everything was checked and double checked the balloon was ready for take off.  Ken is a very thorough and safe pilot.  My parents climbed in and were ready to fly.  As I watched the balloon go higher and higher I thought what a once in a life time experience they are going to have.  And then it was time to jump in the Chase Van to follow the balloon to it's destination (where ever the wind shall take it). You see because part of the crews job is to be there before it landed to help with the balloon. Being in the van was another highlight. Going down the road, looking for the balloon, stopping and waiting with anticipation to see were it will pop out of a clearing, or behind the trees.  And Penny gave me a few good tips on getting some great shots of the balloon as it came over head. Thank you Penny!  As we were chasing and waiting, we had a great time talking and keeping a look out for the balloon and it's special passengers. The next thing I know I'm not just chasing the balloon anymore, but I'm going to go up in it.  That was a very special surprise.  Thank you Thank you Thank you.  Cause it's not everyday you get to ride with your parents in a hot air balloon.  As we took off I was at  first somewhat nervous and excited at the same time.  But once we were in the air up high, I could see from the lake to the mountains and it was very exhilarating.  While riding it was so peaceful and quiet to me.  Getting to see Gods Green earth from up in the balloon was an unforgettable experience.  I liked getting to see the deer and beaver.   As we were going alone Ken showed us some of his piloting skills. Thank for all the thrills Ken!  You are a great pilot!  Now going by certain roads or places brings up wonderful memories of the balloon ride.  We have not stopped talking about it yet. So I would like to say if your ever want to go for a balloon ride, sign up with Ken & Penny and their crew. They all made the ride a safe and wonderful experience. 

Thank you very much!!    Pam

8/7/2005 I just wanted to thank you and Penny for the fabulist time. It was such a wonderful experience. I am still in awe over it. I can't explain how I feel but I am sure you do know the feeling. Thank you again. Sharon


A Special Note from Camp Takumta:

Words can not express my gratitude for your joining us this year at Camp TKT.  Your balloons were the hi-light of the week.  Our children have been talking non-stop about them since camp.

Thank you both for donating your time and your priceless balloons for our children.  I am so grateful to have amazing and generous folks like you to work with every year.

I too enjoyed getting to know you and will never forget my ride with Genina.  She is doing well, not much longer until she departs from this world.  Her family is coping.  As I mentioned, working at camp is the most rewarding thing I do.  I truly learn how to live from these children.

Thanks for the warm wishes and I look forward to camp 2005.

Be well and please, let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you.

cheers, dennis.
Camp Takumta


About Camp Takumta:

Camp Ta-Kum-Ta provides challenging, extraordinary experiences in a safe and loving environment for kids who have or have had cancer. Camp exists for Vermont children (out-of-state children who are treated in Vermont), between the ages of 7-17, at no cost to their families.

For more information about applying for camp, please contact Sheara Billado

Sheara.billado@vtmednet.org (802)847-8200

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