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Best Part:

Stunning views of Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains of Vermont from the air. Don't forget your camera!

What better way to advertise your business, than with a flying billboard approach !

Imagine the excitement and the attention your business will get from people as a hot air balloon with your ad on it, flies above them or lands in their neighborhood!

Or how about FREE advertisement in local newspapers? There is nothing else out there that can give your business the smiles and positive exposure as hot air balloon landing in a neighborhood, field or parking lot. Every person and even the kids will remember the event. Our Hot Air balloon now becomes your balloon. They won't remember the pilot, the passengers or the chase crew. Yet, you can bet they will remember that so and so business landed their balloon in our neighborhood. (Your Balloon)

In 2004, our hot air balloon pictures were in no less than 6 newspapers within Vermont , two of those 6 times our balloon was on the front page. In 2005 U-Ken-Do Ballooning has been on Channel 3 news three times, on Kool 105 live talk show twice, and again 9 times in newspapers within Vermont, twice again on the front page.

Our balloon business works with Camp Takumta , Make a Wish, and The Young Eagles. Your business will become part of this as well at no charge to you. Or we'll work with you to offer our services to a benefit your business works with.

Our 4 passenger balloon can carry an envelope banner 16 by 24 foot, as well as two basket banners. We can also set up if you wish, a tethering event for your business. U-Ken-Do Ballooning is known for thinking outside the box. We look forward to working with your business as team, in giving your business the very best advertisement money can buy.

Remember the flying billboard approach will have people talking and remembering the time they saw your business advertisement-flying overhead. Prices range from $1,200 to $4,750 for a full size 16 X 24 foot envelope banner, and $250 to $1,200 for a basket banner. Final pricing will be agreed upon, once the size of banner and the number of times to be flown with locations are finalized. A signed agreement with deposit will be required.

Contact Us today to get started on saving your business advertisement cost.

U-Ken-Do Ballooning
399 Country Club Rd.
Swanton, VT. 05488

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