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Balloon factories, regulations, exam questions, NASA reporting forms, Junior Balloonists, and much more.

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Time Flies When You're Having Fun invites you to come have some real fun and excitement flying in one of their hot air balloons in Southern New Hampshire! Learn about it at our pick of the month.

FARs The Federal Aviation Regulations, right from the horse's mouth.
PTS Practical Test Standards. The FAA has very specifically defined what skills a candidate for a private or commercial pilot's license must demonstrate. You can read or download your own copy here. Source for PTS and exam questions.
Exams The actual questions for the private and commercial Hot Air Balloon written tests.
Testing Agencies Where to go for your written exams. The FAA exams are administered by independent agencies. Here's how to contact them, find a location near you, determine the cost, and links to each agency. Sylvan (Concord, Nashua), CATS (Gilford, Nashua), Lasergrade (Nashua). These are their nationwide sites.
Landowner Program The GSBA has a very successful landowner appreciation program. Learn how it works, how to set one up for your balloon club, and who the recent winners were.
RTW Links A complete listing of around-the-world balloon teams. Learn who's next and track flights in progress.
Worldwide LTA Links Blastvalve Ballooning Search Engine - the most complete resource for ballooning on the web. Also see an extensive collection of cool ballooning sites.
Animated Knots How to tutorials for lots of knots, they show the ropes moving at Animated Knots.
The Factory Balloon manufacturer's sites are full of good stuff. Try Aerostar, Balloon Works, Cameron, Lindstrand, others (Avian, Custom9, Head, Sky). You may also want to explore used hot air balloons for sale.
Groups Aviation organizations useful to balloonists include the AOPA (aircraft owners and pilots association), BFA (balloon federation of america), EAA (experimental aviation association), FAI, NAA, many more.
NASA/ASRS Forms Download NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting Forms, learn about the program and find out when the immunity from prosecution applies.
EVENTS Balloon Life's extensive list of balloon events and festivals.

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