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If you thought flying in a balloon was amazing, wait til you try flying the balloon yourself. You're in control of a gentle giant floating across the countryside. Fire the powerful burner and you're on your way up, come down to get a closer look or to change direction with the wind. Careful, it's addictive!

Who can learn to fly? People from all walks of life fly balloons. Generally speaking, earning a license requires exercising sound judgment; being able to speak English, taking flight instruction, passing both a written and flight test, and having no disqualifying medical condition.


Useful Links:
Articles that give a good student balloon pilot summary of learning to fly!
Hot Air Balloon Resources for student pilots, including info on tests.
Here's where to find used hot air balloons for sale.

Check the weather for ballooning here so you can see the forecast locations available and have all the weather codes translated into English.

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